This is the HomePage of Richard Stevens' webpages (with links):Many make extensive use of GoogleMaps. (Some older browsers may not be able to render the images)

Abbeydale Archers - of Sheffield, UK. (I am no longer the webmaster for this site)

I may resurrect pages on the longbow. (See old ones, with SOME active links here)

The Somersetshire Coal Canal (SCC). Warning: for some strange reason, the Midford tramway doesn't always show-up at first and sometimes only appears when GoogleMaps is pointing at the Timsbury Basin!

The Timsbury Basin (a branch of the above - GoogleEarth won't let me merge it with the SCC)

The Combe Down Tramway (built by William Smith to bring Bath Stone (Oolitic limestone from the Combe Down Quarries) to the SCC.

The Dorset and Somerset canal

The West Somerset Mineral Line (from the Brendon Hills to Watchet harbour).

Fuller's Earth Mines etc around the Bath area.

The Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway - (this is no longer ' my' webpage - but is written by someone else)

The Sheffield Battalion - at Redmires Camp

The area around Ringinglow, Sheffield.

Wellow 'OO' gauge model railway

GoG DCC spreadsheet 1