Registered Charity No. 1047303

Registered under the Data protection Act 1984. No. A2697068

Affiliated to the Inland Waterways association. No 005276

We were founded in 1992 with the aim:

" To focus an interest on the past, present and future of the old Somersetshire Coal Canal"

The Society is aimed at those people who are interested in finding out more about the history of the canal, preserving what is still there and walking the parts that are still accessible to the public.

The Society aims to preserve the remaining structures of the canal (Midford Aqueduct, Combe Hay Locks etc), and to protect the line of the canal from decay, deriliction and vegetation.

Please note, that it is not our present aim to re-open any part of the said canal (but we may encourgae others to do so!)

For a list of the prominent officials please see: this internal link