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A new site for the The Kennet and Avon Canal Trust (our near neighbours). ... and, of course, another near neighbour ...

The Dorset & Somerset Canal

A new site (June 2002) is one that deals with all the canals in theWessex Region

A new site for hiring narrowboats on the only part of the SCC that is open for craft is:Brassknocker trips
This is based at the bottom of Brassnocker Hill near Bath and is run by volunteers attached to the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust

English Waterways
"The aim of the 'English Waterways' web-site is to give a starting point for waterways resources on the internet as well as providing additional useful information and fun content. It is intended as a site for all interested in the U.K's navigable waterways."

One of the best (largest) gateway/portal sites of the lot is:
Great Canal Links

If you've read all the pages here you'll know that I'm interested in the caisson and balance locks so please investigate this link: Locks (An excellent source on the subject of locks generally).

The Great Western Canal
Text only, but a detailed chronological history of this canal with its 7 (!) caissons and inclined plane.

The Inland Waterway Association.

The National Waterways Museum

British Waterways: BW

Try: Blacksheep Gateway This is an excellent 'gateway' site on canals generally.

The Basingstoke Canal (1) (Walks on the towpath)
and, on the same subject but from the Surrey & Hampshire Canal Society:
The Basingstoke Canal (2) (A very detailed site -walk)
A very detailed account on the Basingstoke Canal history etc
another link (!)

The Wilts and Berks Canal An excellent site on a near neighbour. The plan is to open 67 miles of canals, including the branches! They have a specific Bath-Bristol Officer. (The canal at its southern end joins the Kennet & Avon).

The Shropshire Canal
The Shropshire canal

"The Black and White, the story of the Lancaster Canal 1772-1997"
The Black & White

Dorset Railways. Many other hot-links to other sites.

Radstock Museum.

The Norton Radstock Directory Midsomer Norton & Radstock Pages

New (June 2001) , is a site dealing with ANY-Village.co.uk - Somerset Somerset Villages.


The Fussels Site for news about the Dorset and Somerset Canal and the Balance Lock site and dig (Private Proerty!)

NEW! Kennet & Avon Rural Transport Partnership -looks good.


The best preserved caisson site on the Great Western Canal is at Nynehead (with a drop of 24 feet).

See: http://www.hows.org.uk/personal/rail/misc/gwc.htm


There's an excellent animation at: http://nynehead.org/canal/lift_animation.html, (Warning...loud noise at the start!)