The Smith-Cary Map of 1796

Below is reproduced a copy of part of the Smith (i.e. William Smith) - Cary map of 1796 based on an earlier map of 1794.


For a slightly different view- slightly easier to see as is in colour- click here

Points of interest include:

1. The course of the 1796 route is in black whilst the 1794 proposed route is shown by the 2 parallel lines diverging from Mitford Mill (Midford); the northern route running to the south and the southern route running to the east of the 1796 route.

2. Two alternative courses for the canal near Rowley Bottom, one being that of the caisson in field 45. (The other is a more round-about route around Rowley Bottom).

3. The course for the intended change in levels on the southern branch, (Fields 63-64).

(Based on Torrens).